Jeppe Utzon is an extraordinarily competent, creative and skilled architect with a unique gift for empathy. He understood our needs and created the ideal solution for us. Jeppe assured us we would get a beautiful house both inside and out. We have to agree with him completely. The house is as if created by a higher intelligence to be at exactly this place in the world - and to accommodate us and our needs in particular.

I'm a building engineer and have worked with architects most of my life. Jeppe's distinguished by his unique lucidity, which enables him to quickly decide which solution is both the most beautiful and also fits the whole best. But he can also be hesitant, as was the case with the canopy on our house. He went into thinktank-mode. His honesty forbids him to advise until he is completely confident that his solution is the best. The canopy turned out great.

On top of that Jeppe is a pleasure to work with. We can only hope that many others will hire Jeppe and for more masterpieces from his hand and with his spirit.

– Hans Theil
MSE · Søren Jensen Consulting Engineer

When buying and remodeling a new house, the choice of architect is an important one. I chose Jeppe and have been immensely satisfied with his services.

Jeppe is thorough, has lots of great ideas, and is honest, prompt and efficient. The end result was an exquisite house and every day I find myself enjoying the changes Jeppe has contributed.

– Jens-Peter Brask
Restaurateur & Director · Halvandet ApS
Art collector · Brask Art

I've had the pleasure of working with Jeppe Utzon during the development of the Harmonika house. Jeppe is highly creative while at the same time listening to input from engineers, builders etc. and is able to come up with good sensible solutions as well as exciting architecture. During the construction of the first Harmonika house he also acted as project lead and handled all contact to the local building council.

Jeppe worked with great dedication and in collaboration with clients, engineers and builders he managed to come up with good and solid solutions. This not only in relation to meeting the client's wishes and requirments but also concerning practicability and budget. Jeppe has a sound approach to projects and a natural talent for spaces, dimensions, materials, light and colors.

Personally Jeppe has proven a loyal and flexible collaborator - without compromising on his own ideals and values. Jeppe's relaxed and friendly attitude towards clients puts them at ease at meetings and allows the conversation about their wishes and requirements for their new house to flow freely and without restraint. During the building phase Jeppe's always ready with opinions and advise no matter how big or small the matter. This is a major contributing factor to keeping clients happy and satisfied.

I look forward to our further collaboration on the Harmonika house project and hopefully also on other and larger projects in the years to come. I highly recommend Jeppe as an architect.

– Jørgen Junker
Director · Harmonikahuset A/S
Director · Junker Project Development A/S

Jeppe has been a fantastic architect to us when we had an addition to our house built as well as a new garage. Our house as a whole has recieved a completely new architectural dimension through Jeppe's solution. Not only does it fulfill our needs for extra room in an exciting way, but it also creates a sculptural balance between the original house, the new addition and the separate garage.

Furthermore Jeppe had a rare appreciation for our tight deadline and supported us in the collaboration with the other parties involved though the entire project.

– Rasmus Christiansen
CEO · CPH International A/S

It was a huge inspiration to work with Jeppe Utzon. A better collaborator doesn't exist. Jeppe Utzon had new ideas for angles and compositions in my work. A true pleasure.

Tim Bjørn Wahlfried
Fotographer · Bo Bedre

We had a really good experience with you as our architect. We had never built a house before but had seen one of the other houses you designed and we knew that the idea for our site had to come from you. What I think my wife and I enjoyed most was your very open attitude - you listened as much as you described how you felt our house should be.

It wasn't the expected experience where the architect's ideas are religion. Rather we got a real sense of being directly involved in the project and now feel in a very personal way that the final house is ours. It turned out utterly fantastic and we would love to use you again.

– Christian Thor Larsen
Director · New Business Group · LEGO Group

I have known and worked with Jeppe for a number of years now. I always enjoy working with him. Jeppe is one of those rare architects who knows what it takes to deliver a project which does not only fulfill the client’s demands in terms of substance, but also on time and on budget.

Jeppe develops, continuously keeping track of what takes place around him both internationally as well as at home in Denmark and that really makes it a joy to work with him – to know that he is constantly keeping on top of his game.

I would recommend Jeppe to any demanding client.

– Troels Askerud
Partner · NjordCap A/S
Chairman · Royal Danish Ballet Foundation

Working with Jeppe has been a very pleasant and professional experience – both before, during and after building our new Harmonika house. His attention to detail, sense of quality, and not least his good taste, has made us feel in very safe hands during the entire project. This both in the big architectural decisions as well as the lesser details.

Jeppe has been readily available during the entire project and has been indespensible - also when deciding on factors not directly related to the architecture of the house. E.g. outdoor ligting, outdoor tiling, furniture, and so on.

The result was fantastisc and today we're living in a home which is our dream home in every way. I cannot recommend Jeppe enough.

– Peter Dalgas
Creative director og partner · Umwelt A/S

When my boyfriend and I bought an adorable 1924 masonry villa in Bagsværd four years ago, we got in touch with architect Jeppe Utzon. We wanted to tear down some of the many interior walls to make the kitchen part of a larger room. After a couple of visits and some good conversations detailing our wishes, Jeppe presented his ideas.

At first it didn't seem revolutionary, but still fantastic. He had an incredible respect for our house and its historic values, but still managed to create some stunning spaces. It was of the greatest importance to him, that the changes were optimal for both us and the house itself.

I highly recommend using Jeppe for both remodelings and new buildings. It works, it is in fact revolutionary, and he is able to come up with ideas, which unfortunately doesn't occur to one self. Thank you Jeppe!!!

Lærke Hein
Co-owner · Karriere bar
Chairman of the Board · Distortion
Owner · I Like Locals

Jeppe Utzon, representing his grandfather Joern Utzon, designer of the Sydney Opera House, officiated at the launch of the Electrolux major appliances brand in Australia in October, 2002.

He subsequently collaborated with Lars Erikson, then Design Director of Electrolux Australasia, in a modern interpretation of an equally quintessential Australian icon to help establish and build Electrolux share at the prestige end of the major appliances market.

The result - the Electrolux Jeppe Utzon Barbecue - continues to not only assist that objective but to win global recognition for housing its primary cooking function within a striking artistic piece of outdoor furniture.

– Dr John Brown
Managing Director · Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd